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How To Get Rid Of Gym Anxiety

It's almost Summer and you're ready to get in shape and start seeing results, but you start to sweat and twitch at just the thought of going to the gym. All of the fit people, intimidating machines, persistent trainers....its just all too much. You decide to steer clear of the gym all together and never reach your body goals.

This makes me really upset when people tell me that gym anxiety is the main reason for their not working out. I believe that the gym should be a place to go to better yourself, to push yourself, and to feel good about yourself. Instead, many people look at it as a place to be judged and criticized. I want you to reach your goals this year so I came up with 3 easy ways to help you get over the fear and take the next step.


I know this seems like further hiding from the problem but hear me out. If you're afraid of the gym because you have no idea what you're doing and feel like you'll look stupid, this one is for you. You can start by working out at home either by yourself, with a trainer, or with good old fashioned youtube videos. Once you become more confident with your movements, you'll feel more confident with your ability to conquer the gym


We tend to think of super fit people as aliens or super-beings. They lose their humanity and become intimidating blocks of muscle with no soul. You go to the gym and imagine them judging your every move, when in reality there's only one person that they're staring at...THEMSELVES. Everybody at the gym is judging themselves and criticizing their every move ( speaking from personal experience). Unless they're a mega butthole, they're really not paying attention to other people. Once you realize that nobody is watching you, you can move freely about the gym like the superhero you are.


If the idea of spending an hour in the gym makes you vomit, try cutting down that time to 20 minutes. Find the easiest machine or exercise that you can manage and do that until you feel comfortable. Take it veryyyyy slowly. Once you get used to being in the gym, you can start incorporating more into your routine but never try to rush it. If this means that you start by walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes everyday for 2 months, then so be it.

Much Love

Rebecca Fox

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