• Rebecca Fox

3 Ways to Get Out of A Fitness Funk

We've all been there...

We hit a groove with our workouts and healthy eating and we feel unstoppable. We stare at ourselves in the mirror thinking 'damn I look good.'

And then all at once, the funk hits. We can't imagine working out, scowl at our workout clothes, and we crawl into endless pits of Netflix binging and junk food eating. Once you get into those rough patches, it's hard to imagine getting out of them but I can guarantee that you CAN get out of it...and here's how:


The thing that I see the most with people in the slump is that they allow themselves to wallow in self pity ( trust me, I've been there too). We tell ourselves that we're crappy humans because we've let ourselves go and deserve to stay unhealthy and unhappy. The truth is, it's completely normal NOT to feel motivated all the time. It's completely normal to take several weeks off and indulge a bit. If you didn't, you'd be a robot...or Michael B Jordan. When you can accept that it's OKAY to have fallen off, you can accept that you will in fact pick it back up and to just start wherever you are in that moment.


Trust me, the hardest thing that I had to do was accept help from people. I was truly the person that thought that I could do everything on my own and DIDN'T NEED NOBODY. But this just left me burnt out and wallowing in self pity. This is why having people that support you in life is key to getting out of your slump. If we were left alone in our misery, then it would take a lot longer to convince ourselves out of it. Asking someone to hold you accountable or hiring a trainer can help tremendously when getting out of your funk. Even if you need to seek an online support group, just find somewhere that will help keep you on track.


I really do get it. Sometimes it's hard to take that first step to feeling better. Sometimes the thought of going to the gym or eating broccoli just seems impossible. This is why I advise you not to try to do too much initially. You can start by taking a walk outside or drinking water instead of soda for a day. Get an extra hour of sleep or listen to an inspiring podcast. Make one healthy decision during your day and you'll start to get your groove back.

Hope this helps!

Much Love,

Rebecca Fox

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